Have you worked as an EXPAT in Mexico?

Then you are entitled to a refund of your paid pension contributions!

No Risk

We work on a success-based model and take on our clients‘ risk. We only get paid if we succeed, which means we fully focus on our clients‘ objectives. Our clients don’t have to worry about unsuccessful services or unnecessarily prolonged processes. We share our clients‘ risk to build long-term trustful relationships.


Our team consists of specialized lawyers who are dedicated to assisting expats who have worked in Mexico. We understand that it can often be difficult for expats to enforce their rights with respect to their pension contributions. Therefore, we ensure that we take all necessary steps to guarantee these rights.


Our processes are effective, efficient, and transparent. We strive for the highest standards and provide our clients with a seamless experience. Clear processes are our motto and the key to our success. They help us deliver the desired value to our clients. We are committed to continuously improving and staying up-to-date to provide the best and fastest solutions.

We can help you
your pension contributions from the mexican authorities!

According to Mexican law, all expats who work in Mexico are required to contribute to the Mexican pension fund. However, since expats usually do not have any pension entitlements in Mexico, these contributions can be claimed back. We are happy to assist you in initiating this process and asserting your rights to a refund of your withheld pension contributions.

According to Article 169 of the Mexican Social Security Law

Your pension contributions are your
retirement provision and you have the right to claim them back

Since 2021, former expats who have worked in Mexico and permanently returned to their home country have the right to claim their savings managed by the Retirement Fund Managers (AFORES).

Despite this opportunity, most expats are either unaware of this legislation, believe that the claim is not worthwhile, or fail to navigate the complex administrative procedures.

Although the Mexican legislature has established the right to claim, it has not defined clear processes and responsibilities, resulting in time-consuming bureaucratic procedures. Ultimately, the right must be enforced through legal means.

For this reason, we offer expats who have worked in Mexico the necessary support to enforce their right to claim their retirement contributions.

Our EU-based company works with a team of lawyers in Mexico and provides comprehensive support and advice on all issues related to the recovery of retirement contributions for expats in Mexico.

This is how we do it

We would be happy to hold a personal consultation regarding your individual situation, which can take place either by phone or video conference. This allows us to ensure that we provide you with the best possible support and address your specific needs. Our consultations are discreet, confidential and free of cost.

We will review your claims in Mexico and carefully analyze the chances of success. We will inform you of the likelihood of success so that you can make an informed decision. We offer you a transparent, reliable, and free consultation.

After you have engaged our services, we take care of the entire process and advocate for your claims. We handle all necessary steps and assist you with any formalities. We operate on a commission-based model, which means we only charge a fee upon successful completion.

After successfully enforcing your claims, you will receive the refund of your pension contributions to the account you have provided. We ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and you receive your rightful refund quickly and efficiently.


Don´t wait too long

If you are entitled to a refund of your paid pension contributions, you should not wait too long. Mexican legislation may change, especially if there are international agreements in the future that could result in the transfer of paid pension contributions to the general pension fund. In this case, you may get little or no benefit from your contributions.

Therefore, it is advisable to make your claims as soon as possible and demand the refund of your paid pension contributions while it is still possible. We can assist you and guide you through the entire process to ensure that you receive the money that is rightfully yours.

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